Tomorrow, Editions Financial will be presenting their annual ‘State of Play’ benchmarking survey into the state of content marketing in the financial services industry to the Financial Services Forum. We’ve put a few thoughts of our own below – and we’ll see you at the event for further debate.

I really wasn’t surprised to read that only 42% of FS businesses have a defined content marketing strategy! (State of Play: Content Marketing in the Financial Services Industry Report 2015). The danger is that with everyone trying to jump on the content bandwagon we will only achieve two things: more work for the data analysts (these guys work hard enough as it is!) and creating a load of noise (ie. a high volume of useless content) that we all become oblivious to.

So, to the other 58% of organisations out there that are still trying to work out what they do, let me offer one bit of advice; create something that is not only going to engage the person (yes remember they are human, not a segment/bracket/group or anything else you want to label them), but also create something that will make a meaningful difference to their lives. Whatever channel you use, develop engaging content that creates a more informal, human conversation with the person (or persons) you want to communicate with. And don’t forget to find out first if they want to engage and have a conversation with you.

We, as both marketers and financial services specialists, work in an industry that is already filled with jargon, noise and people with very little time for anything other than work. We humans are getting smarter, wiser and more wary of the hard sell, which makes it even more important to us to engage with brands we truly identify with.

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