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I fully recognize that I won’t be winning any prizes for insight of the year with this, but marketers are now in the experience business. No longer can agencies survive being just the communications experts, nor is it good enough for client-side marketers to be a product man, (it’s always a man). Services used to be a specialist topic in the marketing textbooks, now we all recognize we have to think like ‘service marketers’ and focus on the experience.

Building an integrated customer experience is complicated, possibly complex; So many moving parts and dependencies, and probably more than one right solution.

I would argue it is impossible to design the marketing architecture without a robust framework. So for those of you who also like a framework, I would like to introduce you to DAVE.

DAVE stands for Data inspired, Always on, Valuable Experiences.

There are six stages to DAVE:

  • Customer ambition
  • Personas
  • Customer Journey
  • Engagement Idea
  • Blueprint
  • Experience

If you feel measurement is missing, don’t panic – we’ve not ignored it; we see it as a given.

You can probably imagine what we do in each stage, and to be fair I can’t think of any marketing or customer orientated agency that wouldn’t say they create personas, map the customer journey or develop ideas. But we would argue what we do has some differences or – perhaps more to the point – has more rigor. As a result it helps us deliver better results for our clients.

Here is why it works….

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