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The 20% Problem 

Is your client suffering from the dreaded 20% Problem? It’s out there. And the problem is spreading. But luckily it’s easy to diagnose! You just need to ask your client one simple question:

“What percentage of the functionality of this marketing technology are you using?”

Very often the answer is around 20%. They’re using 20% of the functionality that comes with the technology they own. In my experience it doesn’t seem to matter what kind of marketing technology it is. It could be a Marketing Automation Platform. Maybe it’s their CRM system. Perhaps it’s their Mobile Push Platform. It really doesn’t matter.

Try it for yourself. Ask one of your clients this question about one of their marketing technologies. I bet you $20 they say 20% (or something close to it).

Interestingly I haven’t seen a correlation with how long they’ve owned the technology. Nor have I seen a correlation with the number of people that are using the technology.

After years of asking this question to a wide variety of clients, I came to the conclusion that the root cause of The 20% Problem was…..

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