Marketing automation has the potential to deliver targeted communication that cuts waste and maximises ad effectiveness, but marketers need to overcome several internal and external challenges before embarking on implementation.

In this article from Marketing Week our client Bareld Meijering at Nokia looks at some of the barriers to successful marketing automation and how to approach them.

An extract is below and you can read the rest of the article at Marketing Week:

“Successful marketing automation also requires sales and marketing departments to work cohesively, but a third of respondents in the Ascend2 survey believe a lack of alignment between these two teams is another barrier.

This was an issue for mobile manufacturer Nokia until recently. Head of marcom and campaign packaging Bareld Meijering says the company realised that simply creating new products and services and then pushing them out to the market was not working from a B2B perspective.

Working with B2B agency OgilvyOne Business, the brand takes note of customer interactions and research before any contact from the sales function so it can target buyers and key stakeholders in the decision making process at the most appropriate time. This required much closer alignment between the sales and marketing teams, which Meijering describes as “the most important thing to look at but not the easiest one”.

It is not easy because a marketer must look at who to target and how to pass that information to sales so it is recognised as a marketing-qualified lead, according to Meijering. It is then down to sales to achieve the conversion, so the brand can see the journey from awareness to buying. “You need to do it together with sales and marketing,” he says.”