Or is it just that B2B brands aren’t thinking of the bigger picture?

B2B is growing in stature, and prior to Cannes I had thought that this would be our year. Has there been a bit of snobbery over the years about awarding B2B brands? I think so. But that isn’t the only problem.

There were a handful of B2B brands who managed to get some recognition this year, but not enough. And I do believe this is our problem to solve.

Is the issue that in B2B we think that answering a client’s brief is ‘job done’? Maybe. It’s a tough world we are in and it is sometimes hard to get your head around the subject, and understand the complexities of a product, and then the multiple audiences across different regions. Matrix hell!!

If you look at the large majority of work that won you will see that pretty much all of them created a way of showing success beyond the target audience, you saw how they engaged influencers, the industry, and then the press wanted a piece of the action too. A win for any client.

So when a brief from a client comes in and asks to communicate a new product to an IT manager, do we need to re-think what success looks like? Not just to us, but also for our clients. Is there a longer game to play? A large number of B2B brands are happy to just fit in, to get on the list, so the idea of thinking, and doing different, can be a challenge to get agreement on.

Should we be partnering with PR earlier and not just using it as an add-on after the idea has been agreed? If the idea isn’t PRable should the idea be binned? It doesn’t need to be about PR or having a PR team on board every time, but I do believe we should be using some of their principles in our thinking if we want to create Cannes winning B2B ideas.

Let’s make sure we’re all included next year.