Account based marketing for most organisations hasn’t really been marketing. A better description would be ‘CRM + events’ or perhaps account based selling. There has been lots of talk about targeting businesses via IP address, building social databases, creating dynamic web pages for different organisations, but I am going to put my neck out and say this is not something the majority do. I suspect it has been considered too hard.

Our theory is that social is going to change this. It is relatively easy to build a social list, and probably to work out email configuration for key accounts. Social analytics allows you to identify the network and more importantly what topics are being discussed or shared inside a key account. The net of this is you can ‘market’ to decision makers and their network of influencers. You can afford to target with brand activity, triggered by initial engagement or as a campaign. Even run a campaign targeted at your client or prospect the week before a sales pitch.

The question this may raise for high value B2B sectors is what is the difference between Account Based Marketing and B2B marketing? I don’t think I will be able to answer that one.


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