Here in the OgilvyOne Business Multimedia team we have an ever increasing volume of video work. In 2015 we created and delivered over 250 videos, from personalised mailers to localised product videos, 2D, 3D, live action, character animation, and interactive, we did it all! The amount we do is indicative of how video consumption is changing. Video is becoming a very natural avenue for business-to-business clients to explore with the popularity of content on Youtube and social media. B2B brands are beginning to realise the impact the right video can have, not only in the short term but longer term, to their brand as a whole. 

Achieving success

There are many factors that determine the success of a video. Firstly, it must work for its intended audience. It is vitally important to understand what a client aims to achieve. This means looking at the bigger picture, and figuring out what sort of video is going to work best, simply putting something on Youtube and expecting it to make waves just doesn’t happen for the majority of videos. One could say that videos are becoming consumable, they often only exist for a single viewing, or have only a few seconds to make an impact on social media before they are scrolled past. On the other hand, interactive videos and virtual reality are adding even more engaging content and expanding video into fantastic new areas.

The second areas to consider for a successful video are the idea, the content and the execution. These are intrinsically linked and equally valuable concepts that should be contemplated and crafted for every video. In reality, there exists a tendency to prioritise content over a good idea or a beautiful execution, but the greatest success comes from ensuring you have all three.

With that in mind, taking content (often a product), and finding a relevant and engaging way to present it is often the most challenging part of the process. Often we end up at an idea that can be as simple as a transition or a style, which can be used as a medium to display content and hold attention.

Getting excited about execution

The execution of the video is of course totally dependent on the client brand, and some can be quite strict around the look and feel of video content.  Good client relationships and having a good understanding of our processes allows us to explore different styles for different clients without worrying them, or their branding teams, too much.  Guidelines that don’t change can lead to content that doesn’t stand out, so when we pitch something that nods to the guidelines but has its own uniqueness, that’s when our clients get the most excited.

Being brave

Traditionally B2B clients can be very conservative, but there is a drive towards bravery with greater diversity and creativity paired with more minimal content, as the industry realises the true value and potential of well executed video.

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