What did I learn from my day at the Business Design Centre with the great and the good of b2b marketing?

1. B2B marketers are a great group of people.

Always willing to share, learn, discuss, enjoy being with each other.

2. Marketing is still marketing. Let me explain…

From content marketing to marketing automation, from disruptive business models to understanding the customer, from sales enablement to ABM, from programmatic to process and 4p’s to the 7 p’s. It’s all still marketing – we understand the needs of our audience, build strong propositions, create relevant content, deliver and exceed expectations.

3. The basics are more important than ever. 

In many cases we’re forgetting to focus on the basics which have applied since the dawn of the first pieces of communication – probably the 40,800-year-old red disk cave paintings from El Castillo, in northern Spain (ad land wasn’t first!) – tell someone something they need to know, make sure they find it, make sure it’s valuable and the outcome worthwhile.

4. Do not accept mediocrity. 

Accepting 0.1% results (how did we get here??!!!).

5. Take a brave pill. 

Be prepared to fight for what’s going to make a difference. Remember why you got into marketing. And then go and have fun!

My speaker highlights were Jason Miller and Graham Wylie. You made me think hard about the next few years.

Thank you to all of the B2B Marketing team for a great event. And Joel Harrrison and James Farmer.

…and all you brilliant marketers.