B2B Marketing’s Michael King recently asked our Head of Copy Glenn Sturgess for his top B2B copywriting tip:


Challenge three-letter acronyms (TLAs)

“No prize for guessing that technology companies are steeped in technical terms and TLAs. It’s a copywriter’s job to challenge this, not champion it by simply trotting out the same B2Bull. At OgilvyOne Business, we don’t shun the use of jargon, full stop. Instead, we tune in so we can understand the complexity, idiosyncrasies and nuances of our clients’ organisations. We interview the experts, asking seemingly obvious questions. This approach doesn’t necessarily generate quick results, but it pays in the long run. Only when you understand a highly technical world like an insider can you write about it with confidence and authority. And then explain things in relatable, relevant ways.

Analogies are great ways of doing this. So we applaud the online technical dictionary Sideways Dictionary (see above) for its down-to-earth definitions of all things technical. And for the contributions that paint memorable pictures in our minds using the power of imagination. Take a look at sidewaysdictionary.com if you like the idea of comparing big data with a blue whale’s diet.”


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