Agency creative work often lives online, on billboards or on television amongst other channels. Now, OgilvyOne Business and Inmarsat have catapulted creative work…into orbit in outer space!

Earlier this month, Inmarsat – the world’s leading provider of global mobile satellite communications – successfully launched its S-band satellite on an Ariane rocket from French Guyana into space, taking OgilvyOne Business creative and a new Europe-wide wifi service for aircrafts with it.

The launch was a crucial milestone for Inmarsat’s unique European Aviation Network (EAN) service, which is set to be in commercial service by the second half of 2017. The satellite giant is launching the capability in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, who will be constructing a complementary ground network.

The EAN logo and fairing design, developed by OgilvyOne Business, was proudly displayed atop the Ariane 5 rocket as it launched, certainly representing a new peak (literally) for our creative team.

You can see the launch here.