Account Based Marketing is in the marketing press a lot, by a lot I mean most weeks, and it seems to have run through the traditional cycle.

It’s new.

It’s new, and you need to get with the program.

It’s not a panacea.

It isn’t new.

It’s not new but it is different.

It’s 2.0

It’s more than 2.0 … it’s 4.0.

It’s so last year.

So I am determined this is going to be my last article on ABM.

In fact I am not going to mention ABM.

Imagine you run a marketing department and money is tight, when hasn’t it been? The finance director has got his eyes on you, all that atmospheric brand talk is going nowhere. He doesn’t buy it. One of the juniors in your team, the smart one, does coding in his spare time, talks to you about Python over a casual green tea, has a suggestion.

‘Given we don’t have much money why don’t we spend our marketing budget on the key accounts. We can profile the 100 or so people at Futisijima-Colorado inc involved in the decision making process. We can see what content they are interested in, what events they go to, and we can infer from that the key criteria in the buying process. By the way I did that for Futsijima, profiled the key decision makers on Linkedin, just got a neat tool for that. Suspect they are on a efficiency drive so our sales guys should really be talking about capital costs and deals not total life costs.’

‘Brilliant, lets do it’.

‘… I haven’t finished. We should install tags on the site so we can identify the company when prospects hit our digital assets, I can give you the analytics by company, not individual unless we can persuade them to form fill. That way we can engage not only the high value prospects but also, if you want, dynamically personalise the site against a pre-agreed segmentation, even for prospects we don’t have a relationship with. The ability to accurately identify IP addresses is improving all the time. Companies are building directories so we can identify not just large corporates but increasingly mid size companies.’

‘Thats what I Thought. Can we gate everything? ‘

‘Gating everything? That wouldn’t be a good idea, whenever we do that we see significant drop off in form fill. Anyway now we have the IP address or even their social profile from original data analysis we can target and retarget the whole company. retarget with display when they are in buying mode or just the key individuals in the earlier stage of the buying journey. Micro targeting through social using custom lists is a bit of a no brainer.’

‘One more question, this sounds very smart why isn’t everyone doing it’.

‘Sorry, I don’t know everything.’