The inside story

OgilvyOne Business is the UK’s largest and most awarded global B2B agency, as such we offer a unique proposition.

Who we are

Created in 2014 through the fusion of OgilvyOne’s B2B specialists, Ogilvy Primary Contact and independent creative agency dnx, OgilvyOne Business is the largest global B2B agency in the UK. With 130 staff, the agency is backed not only by the resources of OgilvyOne London, but also by the Ogilvy Group worldwide network.

We are 100% dedicated to the B2B sector. From technology, to consulting and finance, from manufacturing to property and logistics, we span all significant market sectors.

As such, we have a unique understanding of the challenges faced by companies who market to business audiences. We generally refer to them as “The Four Nots”:

1Not just my decision
2Not my money
3Not tomorrow
4Not small change

In our experience, B2B marketing challenges nearly always revolve around the business rather than the brand. We therefore start with the client’s business problem and then set about creating real Customer Engagement, at both an organisational and individual level. This is the proven route to improved ROI.

Customer Engagement is absolutely central to our approach – in fact, Forrester say we’re the undisputed leader in this area – and it should be to yours, too. So important is it, we’ve given it a section all of its own , but here’s a précis.

Customer Engagement is all about empowering personal experiences that unlock total customer value over time. Put simply, it’s all about enabling customers to engage with your brand on their terms – when they want and how they want. The better you engage, the more valuable your customers will become.

So, what do you need to create an effective Customer Engagement strategy? You’ll need a broad range of skills including strategy and planning, branding, dynamic content creation, campaign management and marketing automation.

You’ll find all of them (and more) in unrivalled depth at

OgilvyOne Business.

Customer Engagement

It’s all about enabling customers to engage with you on their terms – when they want and how they want.


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