Plug into simplicity, tap into amazing with ClickShare


Barco has big ambitions for ClickShare. This wireless presentation and collaboration system helps people easily share what’s on their laptop or device on the meeting room screen with just one button. No cables, no set-up, no fuss. Apart from its aspiration of ‘a ClickShare for every meeting room’, Barco aims to increase annual sales by 25%. Our task was to convey ClickShare’s personality to a new audience and get people excited about the confidence-boosting possibilities of presenting without technical hitches.


The promise of collaboration is too grand and clichéd. So we looked at feedback from user testing. It was clear that people love the simplicity and ease of use – especially the Button. It’s so simple, it’s almost anti-technology. Once people try it, they fall in love with what it can do. So we developed a fun, cool, playful campaign with bags of personality. Based on insight, we promoted the demo – once you try ClickShare, the product sells itself.


We were marketing ClickShare from a standing start – the Barco brand is relatively unknown. Plus, ClickShare is a new type of product for the company and its sales channel partners – it doesn’t simply slot into their usual sales pitch. As a result, it was crucial our campaign resonated with distributors and resellers. In fact, there was a 100% download rate of marketing kits from B2B channel partners, a 360% increase in website visits and a tenfold increase in YouTube views.

“I truly believe that the new campaign for ClickShare will have a profound impact on our business across the globe.”
Romeo Baertsoen, VP of Strategic Marketing, Barco