“Bring It On” for Inmarsat Aviation

“Bring It On” for Inmarsat Aviation

A visionary and differentiating brand positioning, and activation, that challenged the market and reframed the Inmarsat Aviation product.


In just a nine-month window maritime and government satellite operator Inmarsat had to completely re-invent its aviation business and create a successful brand in a highly challenging environment. Inmarsat had to reinvent itself in order to be able to compete, engage customers effectively, and stand out in a tech-focused, competitive market.


Nobody knew who Inmarsat Aviation were: although Inmarsat had a rich heritage supplying satellite communications to most cockpits, airline organisational silos meant that there was low awareness of our brand amongst passenger Wi-Fi decision makers – if they had heard of the brand it was as a maritime provider.

Inmarsat was moving to a new direct sales model offering a full service and not just wholesale. What’s more, the inflight Wi-Fi category understanding was low due to techy jargon, and there was little ability to envision the real value. With inexperienced buyers, Inmarsat needed to take leadership of the conversation about passenger broadband.


We developed a multimedia, interactive campaign propelled by the new brand and positioning. Through multi-channel brand-building, insight-driven digital engagement, and multimedia trade show installations and promotion, we transformed how the industry viewed the category of inflight Wi-Fi.

‘Bring it On’ helped the company achieve what had seemed impossible. In just six months the Inmarsat Aviation brand became joint leader for market awareness. Brand-driven marketing activity has also proven to influence sales, adding up to a significant ROI on the brand campaign.

B2B Awards Winner for Best Use of Live-event Marketing
B2B Awards Highly Commended for B2B Bravery Award
B2B Awards Runner Up for Best Brand Initiative

“We had a significant brand image and awareness problem which affected our ability to compete. Creating the Inmarsat Aviation brand and the Bring It On positioning armed us to take on a challenging market and win – and win beyond our expectations.
Dominic Walters, VP Marketing Communications & Strategy, Inmarsat Aviation