Deltek: Intelligent Conversations

Deltek: Intelligent Conversations

Multichannel campaign drives intelligent conversations with provocative questions


How do you persuade a well-informed, sophisticated audience to listen to your B2B marketing messages? This was the challenge facing Deltek and OgilvyOne Business. Enterprise software provider Deltek wanted to boost brand awareness among marcomms agencies, consulting firms, architects and engineers, but such savvy audiences required a subtle content marketing approach. The earlier Deltek could engage potential customers in conversation, the better for the brand.


You can’t tell an informed audience how to think or act. Instead, we asked provocative and open-ended questions of Deltek’s core audience across a variety of channels – sparking intelligent conversation on discussion points of particular interest to each target industry. We supported the campaign with a wide range of unique content including video interviews, blog posts and curated e-guides, increasing brand awareness and strengthening Deltek’s position as a credible thought leader.


The multichannel B2B marketing campaign was a great success, generating in excess of 10,000 click-throughs on each of Xaxis, LinkedIn and Twitter. Deltek Marketing Director Kylie Webb said: “As a business we are extremely proud of our industry focus and expertise. This campaign presented this front and centre, and directly resulted in a highly-engaged audience and set of respondents. As well as immediate direct sales enquiries, we have a steady flow of prospects still responding to content that we can nurture with time to continue to grow our sales pipeline.”

“This campaign has set in place a platform for a successful marketing framework for our business today and in the future.”
Kylie Webb, Deltek Marketing Director.