Deltek knows Agency Life

Deltek Knows Agency Life

Selling software that makes marcomms agencies more efficient.


To position Deltek as a software provider that really understands agency life. 


No one likes having to work late at short notice. And being told to shelve your plans for the weekend at 5 o’clock on a Friday evening doesn’t play well with anyone. Unfortunately, these rather unreasonable requests are all too common in marcomms agencies. We sent a DM piece out to key agency stakeholders, which was led by a provocative headline. This was followed up with a series of emails, and a banner retargeting campaign.  Our aim was to find the emotional trigger that would get the recipient to seek a better way of doing things. 


Digital activity delivered high click through rates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This drove awareness of Deltek’s position as a supplier that understands the marcomms industry.  The ROI of the campaign based on pipeline was 453%

Shortlisted for Best Limited-Budget Campaign at the B2B Awards

“To get noticed, we needed to be bold. This campaign was creative, brave and demonstrated real insight into pain points faced by our audience.”
Kylie Webb, Marketing Director