Asking business leaders ‘what if you could see inside your business?’


Direct mail B2B marketing must be impactful, clear and immediate. For enterprise software providers Deltek, the challenge was to create a mailer that would enhance brand awareness and engage with their target audience. The mailer was to tie in to Deltek’s broader ‘What If?’ campaign, which asks provocative questions to engage business leaders and decision-makers. In this instance: “do you have the visibility you need to make key decisions with confidence?” Our task was to put this message across in a way that was relatable to senior executives in project-based firms across Europe.


Deltek’s key message is that business leaders need complete visibility before they can make informed decisions. With this in mind, we devised an innovative B2B marketing solution to illustrate the concept with a neat visual metaphor. The campaign focussed on an X-ray cross-section of various business premises, delivered in a medical-style envelope and bearing the tagline: ‘what if you could see inside your business?’ A personalised cover letter prompting recipients to visit a tailored landing page took the conversation to the next step.


This original B2B marketing campaign has been extremely well received – both by the client and by recipients. Ryan Wood of Talk PR described the campaign as “best practice marketing” and “shared it with (his) entire company”, while the mailers led directly to several new business opportunities for the client. Deltek Marketing Director Kylie Webb said “the response by way of positive feedback, direct sales pipeline contribution and longer-term engagements… speaks volumes to the strength of the concept, execution of the campaign and results generated”.

Four new business opportunities generated a pipeline of US$3.5 million.