Inmarsat Aviation opens augmented reality booth at APEX EXPO 2016


“We’ve come to APEX EXPO 2016 to really make a statement about Inmarsat Aviation, and say ‘We’re open for business,’” says Dominic Walters, senior director, Marketing, Communications and Strategy.

“This is about the connected aircraft, and bringing possibilities to light.”

The booth transports visitors to an aircraft cabin and cockpit on a 'flight to the near future'. Through an iPad and augmented reality experience visitors become passengers and experience stories which demonstrate an in-flight journey enriched through connectivity.

“We’re talking about the benefits of the technology, and we‘re showing the potential reality of the passenger experience,” says Walters. “I think it’s really critical that as a business, we understand where it’s going. We’re ready for it and we’re investing in that future.”

"We're delighted to have helped Inmarsat Aviation realise their vision of the connected aircraft at APEX EXPO 2016 and bring GX for Aviation to the market. But this is just the starting point of what promises to be an incredibly exciting journey. Bring It On!"
Nik Myers, Strategy Director, OgilvyOne Business