NICE Actimize: Holistic Surveillance

NICE Actimize: Holistic Surveillance

NICE reap the benefits of targeted B2B marketing


NICE Actimize faced an unusual conundrum when launching its new Holistic Surveillance software. In a market where much of the target audience already uses NICE software, how can you make key decision-makers aware of – and interested in – your new products? NICE had a very small audience to hit, with just 80 carefully-selected Chief Compliance Officers chosen for an intelligent direct mail campaign, and aimed to achieve a 25% click-through rate (CTR) to the project landing page.


The upside of targeting a select group of recipients is that you can lavish greater time and resources on things like personalisation and execution. Our solution was to create highly personalised mailers complete with a video pack, business card, and letter – all beautifully presented in a sleek branded box. The crux of the campaign was a magnifying glass, which recipients could use to reveal a secret message hidden in each letter. This acted as a clever metaphor for how NICE software can reveal pernicious hidden activities – combining trade and communications surveillance to spot suspicious patterns.


This ambitious B2B marketing campaign not only met its targets but surpassed them, achieving a 33% CTR to the project landing page. NICE was in a unique position to vouch for the success of the campaign, too. When the company’s CEO visited a client’s office, he noticed that the mailer was open on the COO’s desk – an individual two rungs above the initial recipient. The campaign has sparked positive conversations with potential end users, generating significant pipeline revenue for the client.

“When our CEO arrived at a recipient's office for a high-level meeting, the box was open on their desk. He can testify that it certainly got their attention.”
Haverly Damon, NICE Actimize Content Marketing Manager.