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NICE Systems

It doesn't have to be this way


What should you do when your customers misunderstand or underestimate your company’s services? This was the dilemma faced by customer interactions technology company NICE. Many NICE customers believed that the company only made call centre solutions, when in actual fact NICE solutions grease the wheels at every stage of the customer journey to deliver the best possible ‘brand experience’. Our task was to create a digital marketing campaign that would challenge this misconception, and accurately reflect NICE’s status as a leader in the field of customer interactions.


Our approach was to be as honest as possible – we all know what it’s like to be a customer, and to be at the rough end of a poor customer experience. With this in mind, we set about creating a range of live-action videos that parodied the typical customer experience. These humorous and highly relatable videos were followed by the line “it doesn’t have to be this way”, establishing NICE as a refreshing alternative to the customer experience norm. We hosted these videos on a dedicated landing page that guided visitors to related content and NICE services.


The client loved our send-up of the typical customer experience, describing the campaign as “something that had not been done before in our industry”. According to Dana Poleg, NICE Systems Global Demand Generation, the videos were both “humorous and managed to meet all our objectives”. The campaign generated almost 11 million impressions, with the landing page receiving more than 12,000 page views from 8,667 unique users.

‘It doesn’t have to be this way’ generated a sharp increase in impressions for the client, with the campaign peak reaching 2.7 million.