Do you have what it takes to make the IBM Wimbledon team?


To introduce IBM’s people to decision- makers much earlier in the decision making process.


Research showed that decision-makers were unsure what IBM does at the Wimbledon Championship and that the most significant influence on perception of technology companies is experience of their people.


We introduced the IBM Data Capture Team who play a vital role in providing the world-class data, statistics and insight made available by IBM to commentators, players, coaches and fans the world over.

The #MakeTheTeam game challenged players to capture a variety of data points from Wimbledon matches, just as the Data Capture Team do. Speed and accuracy were vital to the game which was played through a dual screen link up between PC and phone app. The campaign also involved extensive online media, a partnership with the Telegraph and social activity.

The game was used to stimulate interest in IBM and other IBM content – related to the tennis – and content ‘bridging’ into business needs continued the ‘journey’.

In total there were 1.3m engagements with campaign content (game, videos, articles, infographics). There were 44,736 game sessions, with a total of 1255 hours of engagement - an average session time of 1 minute 41 seconds.

62% of those who engaged in business related content went on to share it with others.